Terms and Conditions

The mentioned Terms & Conditions below are meant for the custom artwork designs from Avui. Please make sure you’ve fully read and accepted these terms before requesting a commission, which is legally binding.

  1. Sale; The client will submit a request for a commissions and will give the artist information on what to make. Upon agreement on what is to be drawn, the artist will send a quote to the client. The client pays within a timeframe of seven days. Upon payment, the artist gets a timeframe of three weeks (twenty-one days) to send a sketch over to the client for approval.
  2. Payments; The full amount of the payment must be paid upfront. This can be done with either PayPal, IBAN bank transfer, or payment request.
  3. Declining Requests; The artist has the right to refuse any commissions requests up front.
  4. Cancellations; Once agreed and paid, the commission cannot be cancelled by the client. The artist has a right to stop working on a commission, or cancel a commission request due to inappropriate behavior, poor communication, personal complications or a breach of the terms of service.
  5. Artist Copyright; By agreeing upon a commission, the client is purchasing the artist’s labor. The artist remains the rightful owner of the commission, which includes but is not limited to: Distribution, reproduction, use of the Commission for Artist promotion. The small signature on a picture will remain and is not to be removed on a clients request, unless discussed beforehand. The client may not alter or edit the artwork, or claim it as drawn by themselves.
  6. Reproduce; The client may not print and reproduce the illustration without the artist’s written approval, with the exception of a home-printed paper for personal use.
  7. Deadlines; Upon payment, the artist has up to three weeks(twenty-one days) to send a sketch for approval to the client. After approval of the sketch, the artist has another three weeks (twenty-one days) to finish the rest of the artwork. This is assuming a regular complexity of artwork, and per different illustration(e.g. a page of a book). More complex illustrations may require more work, and this should be agreed on upfront.
  8. Confidential; If the client would like to keep the illustration confidential, they must mention so upfront. There is a possibility to delay the publication online. If the client wants the illustration to be completely hidden from online sources, the artist has a right to charge extra or refuse the commission.
  9. Traditional Art; Traditional drawings require the same payment and time to make. They may be shipped out from the Netherlands. The client will pay for postage fees. The artist is not responsible if the illustration gets lost due to postal services. The client is responsible for making sure the address is spelled right.
  10. Refunds; Normally refunds aren’t made, unless the artist completely misjudged what the client wanted. If this is the case, the artists gets to offer a different illustration first. If the artist is unable to meet the clients request within the given timeframe, the client may ask for a refund and cancel the commission with it.
  11. Changes; If any changes are needed, the client will let the artist know as soon as possible. The later a change is requested, the harder it is to be able to make the change. Big changes are not allowed after sketch approval, such as a different pose. Small changes can be requested (such as a different facial expression). After completion of the image the client has up to five days to request a change until it is considered done.